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2010 Chortle Breakthrough Act Nominee | 2009 Edinburgh Best Newcomer Nominee

Critic’s Choice
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“Supremely entertaining”
The Independent (UK)

“Provocative, surreal and moving.”
The List (UK)

“Charmingly dry and smart, Johansson is a wonderfully funny storyteller.”
Three Weeks (UK)

“Pete’s relaxed and insightful performance at the Improv brought the crowd what they had been waiting for all night” – National Post (USA)

“By far the breakout performer this year at Just for Laughs, but more importantly made my list of best jokes of the fest twice!” – The Montreal Gazette (CAN)

“With very little effort, Pete Johansson’s brief set brought the night back from the abyss of commonplace.” – LA Weekly (USA)

“One of the comics to watch in Aspen is Pete Johansson.” – Hollywood Reporter (USA)

“Strong performances all around at the Theatre St Denis, including some standouts…Pete Johansson being one of them.” – Variety (USA)

“Laughter fest…hilarious’ – The List (UK)


Press on Edinburgh 2009 Naked Pictures of my Life

“This is the funniest first hour I have ever seen from a comic here in Edinburgh. Johansson is assured, relaxed, open and gently hilarious on stage. In fact, the rest of this review is just going to go on and on about how great he is, so why not stop reading and go get your ticket now… This is observational, andecdotal, autobiographical comedy at its best. His closing riff on engagement rings, intimacy and anal sex is one of the unmissable joys of this year’s Fringe. Look, I’ll give you my money back guarantee. Now will you go and buy a ticket?” – Kate Copstick, The Scotsman (UK)

“He may have been shortlisted for Edinburgh’s best newcomer award, but Pete Johansson is no rookie. He has 19 years of experience behind him. That wealth of experience certainly shines in this assured show… Sharp asides add to the enjoyment. Cheekily playing up his foreigner status, he takes great joy in deliberately mispronouncing British words and asking ‘is that right?’, while he mocks the shock-jock comics with a sarcastic, ‘Ha, ha! Rape is funny!’. – Steve Bennett, Chortle (UK)

‘Johansson is simply a loveable performer who wasted no time in exchanging banter with the very appreciative audience… he had the entire crowd hooked. Pete Johansson delivered his show with enourmous confidence and panache. I couldn’t recommend this show enough to anyone looking for some mood-enhancing comedy. His show is simply fresh, positive and sheer comic pleasure.” – All the Festivals (UK)