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The Atomic Brain Podcast with Pete Johansson

Episode three of The Atomic Brain with Pete Johansson and special guest person sitting in is Scott Thompson

OK, so I bumped Michelle this week. It’s nothing personal but I only have two mic’s. And I asked her to find another one, but she was like, whatever. So my guest is Scott Thompson, a very passionate and incredibly talented comic/actor and he disagree’s but a bit of a social activist. It was a really neat recording. He spoke for a while before we rolled digital, and he was so passionate and raw. As a gay man who was out long, long before it was a safe choice in entertainment Scott has earned a point of view that is as funny as it is surprising. It was a joy to dance the dangerous edge of impropriety with him. And after we stopped recording we kept talking for another hour. I know its only my third podcast, but damn… What a fucking interesting cat! Trigger warning, there was little off limits, and the creator of Buddy Cole isn’t afraid to speak his mind, cause he’s earned the right to not give a fuck…

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The Atomic Brain Podcast Guest on Episode three is none other than Scott Thompson!

The Atomic Brain Podcast Guest on Episode three is none other than Scott Thompson!


The Atomic Brain Podcast: Episode 1

Brand new weekly podcast starts now!

Politics, sociology, sex, animals and introspective insecurity. These are a few of the things I plan on exploring every week on my very unstructured podcast.

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First Episode: Me and Michelle Shaughnessy discuss guns & nude beaches along with a few other things:)