Pete Johansson's humorous exploration of what it means to be good! Check it out at The HIve nearly everyday at 5:20pm

Welcome to Pete!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW FOR PETE’s EDINBURGH SHOW ‘Good People‘ 5:20pm The Hive August 4th- Aug 28th (Not 15&16th) 2016

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This is where you can find all the information you need on Canadian comedian Pete Johansson .

Pete Johansson is a UK-based comic from Canada who performs all over the world. He gigs regularly in The Comedy Store, Glee Clubs, Komedia, Highlights and The Stands in the UK. He’s also a familiar face on the Canadian and European scene. Pete has performed in the Middle East and Australia, and travels around the world finding new and exciting gigs to play.

You can read his blog, download his biography, save his photos and watch his videos. This website will be updated with Pete Johansson news as it happens. Or you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook for more frequent updates from the man himself.